GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio 2022

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According to the exciting release of GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio 2022 I'm gonna talk about it and my experience with this brand-new tool since its release.

Powered with an artificial intelligence, GitHub Copilot is a new tool that helps you to generate code within your programming projects, based on your project's code. FYI, that's not a cheating tool that's going to write all the code for you, it's pretty bad for that. As an artificial neural network, the AI needs much data, to be able to learn from it and therefore to generate qualitative code for you.

In comparison, I think that GitHub Copilot would be a better tool to use than Kite Ai Code, etc. That you can find in your favorite IDE.

I'm using it for my projects, and I'm pretty happy with the result, sometimes when you don't really know a basic algorithm such as binary search, etc. GitHub Copilot will help you to generate code for you. I'm currently writing this article with help of Copilot, it's singing its own praises, that's hilarious.

example bad github copilot generation Tweet from @Miiitch
You can clearly see that without a ton of information, the generation code will be awful and useless.

example good github copilot generation Tweet from @mikecwangcn
In the opposite way, if you give enough information to github copilot, it will generate better code for you, that's awesome, don't you think ?

FYI: GitHub Copilot is available in JetBrains products, Visual Studio 2022, Visual Studio Code, VIM (yes, and that's so cool!), and many other products.

A lot of people are thinking that GitHub Copilot is a cheating tool, but I think that's not the case, that's pretty bad, that's wasting your time in a lot of scenarios, but to me, it could be really useful in a more complex project and more detailed context. Do enterprises forbid you to use it ? Or maybe they don't know it yet, I guess that we will have more information about it in the future.

That won't be the last artificial intelligence powered code generation tool that would be created, that won't be the best one, I'm hyped to know how this type of technology will evolve, aren't you ?

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